Indonesian Hydration Working Group (IHWG) is a working group joined between University of Indonesia and PT Tirta Investama on June 27th 2012 as a result of their collaboration  to make a working group which focuses on education and improvement of nutrition and public health with emphasis on balanced nutrition where water is one of balanced nutritional pyramid important component.

The awareness to keep body on euhydration or well-hydrated status has an important role to keep body health, make IHWG important to be formed. As a research result from The Hydration Indonesian Regional Study (THIRST) which published by Hardinsyah et al (2009), the proportion of mild dehydration teenagers is 24.75% in the highland and 41.70% in the lowland. The proportion of mild dehydration adults is 15.40% in the highland and 24.05 % in the low land. All this problem should be done by established the health support team from society to promote “keep the body well-hydrated” through semminars, workshops and press conferences to raise HCP and public awarness,  with support from Indonesian Hydration Working Group.

On June 27th 2012 Indonesian Hydration Working Group formed as an agreement result between University of Indonesia and PT Tirta Investama in Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia. Based on Letter of Agremeent on that date, many activities could be held like partisipation with the other science organizations, held media gathering, research collaboration with Nutrition Department Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, the other universities and associations, held some hydration semminars and research in some Indonesia areas with its government.

Since 2012, IHWG did some training like  meet the expert, master class, seminar, article writing and media gathering. Besides that some research Fluid Study Intake (FIS) Indonesia and FIS Pregnant and Lactating Women which has been submitted and ready to published.

In further, IHWG would be focus on Advancing in Hydration Science and Sharing Hydration Knowledge with bench-marking European Hydration Institute. Advancing in Hydration Science aims to increase knowledge about hydration, and Hydration Sharing Knowledge to promote and facilitate public and researcher or profession to have access to hydration and health information easier.


Increase knowledge about hydration matter  (Advancing in Hydration Sciences) and sharing knowledge of all matters relating to human hydration and its effects on health, wellness and performance (Hydration Sharing Knowledge).


To raise  awarness to society how important hydration status and water on human health well-being, IHWG: