Session 1

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08.00-08.30 Welcome Speech 1.        Dean of Faculty of Medicine UI [DR. Dr. Ratna Sitompul, SpM(K)]

2.        Chairman of Indonesian Hydration Working Group [DR. dr. Budi Wiweko, SpOG(K)]

08.30-09.00 Welcome Speech and Opening Lecture – NCD in Indonesia and Its Relationship with Hydration Behavior Ministry of Health
09.00-09.20 Indonesian Hydration Working Group – Where do we go from here? Dr. dr. Budi Wiweko, SpOG(K)
09.20-09.40 Keynote Lecture 1 – The Development of Hydration Science in Indonesia Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Hardinsyah, MS  download
09.40-10.00 Keynote Lecture 2 – How to Measure Hydration Status: The Role of Biomarker Prof. Dr. Stavros A. Kavouras
10.00-10.15 Patient Safety and Ethic dr. Hervita Diatri, Sp.KJ(K)  download


Session 2 – Fluid Intake

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10.30-10.50 LiqIn7 a Unique Fluid Intake Database Across 15 Countries Isabelle Guelinckx, PhD, MSc, RD
10.50-11.10 Fluid Intake of the Indonesian Population Dr. dr. Saptawati Bardosono, MSc  download
11.10-11.30 How to Increase Water Intake Across a Population? Isabelle Guelinckx, PhD, MSc, RD


Session 3 – Hydration and Health

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11.45-12.05 The Influence of Hydration on Cognitive Performance & Mood Isabelle Guelinckx, PhD, MSc, RD
12.05-12.25 The Role of Hydration in Kidney Disease Prof. Ivan Tack
12.25-12.40 Indonesian Overview of Hydration and Kidney Disease Prof. dr. Parlindungan, SpPD-KGH  download


Session 4 – Children Hydration

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14.00-14.20 Hydration in Children Prof. Dr. Stavros A. Kavouras
14.20-14.40 Healthy Hydration Behaviour Starting from Kid dr. Bernie Endyarni, SpA(K)  download
14.40-15.00 Validation Study on Hydration and Prevention of NCD dr. Rina Agustina, MSc, PhD  


Session 5 – Emerging Science

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15.15-15.35 Emerging Science on Hydration and Endocrinology Prof. Dr. dr. Pradana Soewondo, SpPD-KEMD  download
15.35-15.55 Hydration and Stroke Prognosis dr. M. Kurniawan, Sp.S(K), M.Sc(stroke med.), FICA  download
15.55-16.15 Geriatric and Dehydration: Problem in Our Daily Practice dr. Purwita Wijaya Laksmi. SpPD-KGer  download